Lower Pricing!

Howdy yall!

I’ve done math (well using formulas in a spreadsheet) to calculate profits when I take into account everything involved:

  • Actual print cost + Markup
  • Shipping to you
  • Transaction fee charged to me
  • Taxes if you’re in Texas
  • Most of my prices fell by $5.00 to $20.00!

    Go to my Prints Page, find something you like and check out the pricing!

    Yes a markup because I want to make money… Would be nice huh? 😉

    Would You Buy a Pre-framed Photo?

    Would you buy a pre-framed photo? It would be super convenient wouldn’t it?
    You could remove it from the box, inspect it and hang it!

    Read this and leave a comment.
    Nope, you won’t be obligated to buy anything silly!

    The screenshot at the bottom shows how you order one of my photos.
    You select a size & it shows the cute little wall graphic I made.
    You can see it in action here.

    You only saw princes for unframed professional paper or metal prints.
    I’ve not yet offered pre-framed paper prints (metal is AMAZING and doesn’t need a frame).

    I’m considering offering pre-framed prints but I find the costs prohibitive when I think as a buyer.

    For a 20 x 30 metal framed photo I have to do a markup like any business person looking to make money.
    Obviously I want to make some profit.

    For transparency’s sake, my print vendor would charge me a bit over $200 (shipping included) for a 20 x 30 print in a metal frame.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 13.03.37
    Wouldn’t this be beautiful on your wall?!

    I’d likely sell that print for $320 (shipping included).
    COST + MARKUP + SHIPPING to me + SHIPPING from me to you = $320.
    (White label shipping goes directly to you, a fine customer. However my print vendor doesn’t seem to offer that for a framed photo. I’d charge less if they had that option for framed prints.)

    Smaller sizes would obviously be lower in cost, but still a bit higher than the costs for paper prints.

    Now saying all this, would you buy a pre-framed photo?
    Leave a comment, please (because I’m an attention whore)!
    Actually you’ll be helping me make a business decision!

    Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.57.10

    New Professional Paper Options for 4:5 ratio photos

    Professional Paper prints in 8×10 ($17) and 16×20 ($45) are available for this ratio of photograph!

    Previously I only offered Metal prints because I had the pricing wrong for paper.
    I thought I was not going to turn any profit for paper prints. Oops!

    This is a recent 4:5 ratio print.
    Click it to view more detail.
    Below it you can select different options & see the prices.

    I’m going to work on categories for different sized prints in case people might want to sort that way.

    In the meantime if you see a photo that is slightly taller or wider than square, it’s likely 4:5 ratio.

    Still Working on Selling

    Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.51.36

    There’s still a lot of work to do to get this going. Above is a sample of the Buy Button on one of my posts. I’ve been testing it out and have multiple “products” to create so people know what they are ordering.

    For each photo ratio 3:2, 2:1 etc I have to –

    • Enter titles
    • Enter each size
    • Enter price for each size
    • Test the product out using dummy payment info

    Additionally I have to Get my emails in order, so that my normal personal email doesn’t get flooded with these tests (and later hopefully orders).

    Also I have to tell the government I’m a business which for all of Republicans’ talk in Texas should be super easy (to start a business), but it was a TON of web forms.

    However if old grannies can do it to sell their needlework, I can figure out selling my photos online.

    I have a potential date of April Fool’s Day to have all this done!

    Favorite Photos – December 2015

    With this, I’ve finished posting my favorite photos from each month of 2015.

    Hope you enjoy! Click a photo to view in more detail!
    If you’d like to purchase any photo Contact Me!

    Mexican Restaurant String Lights

    I usually avoid photoshopping my work all the time.
    However this called for something special as the white balance on the original was crazy out of whack.
    I worked about an hour on this shot.

    360 Light Streaks

    The Pennybacker Bridge (or “360 bridge”) never fails to catch the eye of any person with a camera phone or real camera.
    So there are hundreds if not thousands of shots of this beautiful work all over the internet.
    I wanted to find a possibly unique way to shoot it that at least I have not seen yet.
    I think I succeeded in this long exposure shot.

    Planète Extraterrestre

    This took a long while to set up and get properly shot.
    I set it up and left it where it was while at work.
    When home I was careful not to walk too fast or breathe near the planet, to prevent movement.
    Oh, it is NOT IN FACT A PLANET.

    6400th of One Second

    A good friend got to witness me being a camera geek for this shot.

    Favorite Photos – November 2015

    I’ll be posting my favorite photos from each month of 2015.

    Hope you enjoy! Click a photo to view in more detail!
    If you’d like to purchase any photo Contact Me!

    Fiat 2000 Pininfarina

    When I was shooting this, the guy that owns it came up and we talked. He was extremely flattered that I liked this old car so much.
    I gave him my info but wonder if he actually ever saw the photo.

    Remote Island In Frozen Sea

    You may or may not need a little imagination for this one.