Would You Buy a Pre-framed Photo?

Would you buy a pre-framed photo? It would be super convenient wouldn’t it?
You could remove it from the box, inspect it and hang it!

Read this and leave a comment.
Nope, you won’t be obligated to buy anything silly!

The screenshot at the bottom shows how you order one of my photos.
You select a size & it shows the cute little wall graphic I made.
You can see it in action here.

You only saw princes for unframed professional paper or metal prints.
I’ve not yet offered pre-framed paper prints (metal is AMAZING and doesn’t need a frame).

I’m considering offering pre-framed prints but I find the costs prohibitive when I think as a buyer.

For a 20 x 30 metal framed photo I have to do a markup like any business person looking to make money.
Obviously I want to make some profit.

For transparency’s sake, my print vendor would charge me a bit over $200 (shipping included) for a 20 x 30 print in a metal frame.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 13.03.37
Wouldn’t this be beautiful on your wall?!

I’d likely sell that print for $320 (shipping included).
COST + MARKUP + SHIPPING to me + SHIPPING from me to you = $320.
(White label shipping goes directly to you, a fine customer. However my print vendor doesn’t seem to offer that for a framed photo. I’d charge less if they had that option for framed prints.)

Smaller sizes would obviously be lower in cost, but still a bit higher than the costs for paper prints.

Now saying all this, would you buy a pre-framed photo?
Leave a comment, please (because I’m an attention whore)!
Actually you’ll be helping me make a business decision!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.57.10

What do you think?