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I’m Anthony from Austin, Texas.

shortblondeguy.com is my photography portfolio.
I’d print these photos for myself, give as gifts, or put on my grave stone if I were to be buried.

My vision is the beauty of the every day and commonplace that we usually overlook. I shoot anything and everything.

I use minimal post processing so most of what you see here will be exactly what I saw. However I occasionally use some post-process which usually ends up very obvious and beautiful.

My camera skills are self-taught. I never spent lots of money on classes for someone to teach me things I would have learned on my own. (small brag) People tell me these skills are good.

Whenever I’ve had a camera in my hands, I’ve always tried out all the settings. So in 2007 I began exploring many more techniques when I purchased my Canon Digital Rebel XTi (aka EOS 400D) with standard kit lens.
Since mid 2015 I’ve enjoyed the Canon 70D with EF-S 18-135 STM kit lens.

See some more. Here’s a pretty green link:

Instagram has over 6,500 posts. Daily life from my iPhone since August 2013!
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