Vacation 17, Road Summer, Exploring 2015, Roadtrip St. Louis, Massive Road Trip 2014, Massive Road Trip 2014, Montréal 2008
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Vacation 17 – In June & July 2017 I finally visited my family in Wisconsin FIRST.
I took my mom up to Bayfield, WI.
I camped near Mt Rushmore & Yellowstone (which amazed me a second time in my life).
I was in Seattle a while & spent my birthday celebrating Seattle Pride!
I drove down the Oregon & California coasts & fell in love with Joshua Tree again.
I didn’t dehydrate seeing Saguaro National Park, before my car was plastered in bugs coming in to Marfa.

Road Summer – 2016 I drove west to Marfa, White Sands, made a proper turn at Albuquerque, saw LA again, San Francisco, Portland & stopped in Seattle for over a week.
Descending from Mt Rainier, my passenger power window failed.
I got it fixed but had to cut my trip short, again (see below) & returned to Austin via Boise & Denver.

Exploring 2015 – June and July again, but in 2015.
Same places mostly as 2014 and 2016 something again prevented me from visiting family in Wisconsin!
This time I was able to be impressed by San Diego!

Roadtrip St. Louis – Visited friends in St. Louis September 2014.
It is a beautiful city with pockets of gentrification but even the run-down parts still show a beautiful old soul.

Massive Road Trip 2014 – This was my first major road trip and was redone in 2015 & 2016.
West to Pacific Coast & hanging in Seattle & ventured into a very rainy Vancouver.
Then needed to head to Austin due to time restraints.
This time the trajectory home was Boise, Provo & Denver.
However this year I shot Vacancy Mojave, one of my favorite photos!

Montréal 2008 – In 2008 my trip to Montréal was my first trip with a DSLR, my Canon Digital Rebel.
Montréal caught my heart! I am forever hoping to visit it again!